What We Do

We Educate. We Expose. You Excel.

Beck’s Ed, through a personalized and professional approach, helps students and parents achieve their academic goals. Through the assistance of Beck’s Ed Education Consultants, students develop their strengths and achieve their goals, as our goal is to invest in students’ futures so they can find their path, and leave their legacy. We offer:

Scholarship Assistance
Based on students’ needs (major, activities, region, etc.) extensive scholarship searches are conducted to help alleviate associated school costs and ideally decrease potential family stress.
One-on-One Consultations
Each student receives one-on-one sessions with a highly knowledgeable, professional and goal-oriented consultant to ensure the students strengths, interests, and desires are taken into consideration throughout the process.
Personalized Goal Setting (Roadmap)
Based on academic desires, students and consultants develop a customized roadmap that include goals, strategies and tactics so immediate and long-term goals can be achieved.
Application & Financial Aid Assistance
School applications can be confusing and frustrating, especially if this is the first experience completing one. Beck’s Ed can take away the complexity and help provide families with a seamless experience.
Customized School Lists
Depending on the students’ goals and desires, school options will differ. Beck’s Ed can expose students to their leading choices so they can continue to pursue their passions and set them up for success.
Essay Revisions
Essays are a way for students to differentiate themselves and provide a competitive academic advantage. Beck’s Ed provides essay coaching plus review / editing to help students excel.
IEP Assistance
An Individualized Education Program is a written education plan designed to meet a child's learning needs. Beck’s Ed works with students who have IEPs and help place them in programs that best suit their needs.
As accomplished athletes, Beck's Ed can help athletes with their academic needs and the recruiting process.