Quality and Experience

Beck’d Ed prides itself on its rich history and the ability to provide an experience that goes above and beyond what its clients expect.  While each of our accounts vary drastically in appearance, style (brick and mortar/online) and needs, the one consistency within all of our accounts is the want for exceptional customer service and our ability to deliver on that.  When you work with Beck’s Ed, each client is provided a personal account manager.  This person serves as your own personal consultant and oversees all operations at your account.  The account manager and his/her team will work closely with our clients to:

  • understand the goals and purposes of the institution and people we partner with
  • help each institution recognize and reach its ability to service its clients
  • provide a timely provision of materials and harmonize fair prices
  • deliver quality service in a responsive, consistent and cost effective manner
  • go above and beyond contractual arrangements and obligations
  • provide diversity in both contracting and employment (a philosophy reflected in our own composition with a 50% minority and 60% women staff)
  • foster a relationship between our client and your clients that is respectful, successful and rewarding for all parties involved.

Beck’s Ed has proven its ability to anticipate rapid developments in the operation and maintenance of a superior educational experience.  With the the addition of our technology partners and service innovators, Beck’s has proven successful in highlighting a client’s area of weakness, providing immediate support and successful solutions all while meeting the needs of the 21st century campus.