Digital Footprint

Increase Student Digital Options

Beck’s Ed determines ways to decrease cost and increase both efficiency and student options while making a swift transition from hardcover to digital texts. Approaches may look like:

  • Current edition → Confirm digital price and availability
  • New edition → Investigate new price, ISBN and digital offerings
  • Digital availability → Explore 1-year and 6-year license options and gather price, ISBN number, and information on connecting platform

Beck’s Ed continuously monitors publisher content improvements/progress and relays that information to its partners.

Increase the Use of Open Source Materials

Beck’s Ed makes faculty aware of free and inexpensive alternatives to traditional text through the benefits of open source resources such as:

  • Expanded access to student learning with low to no associated student cost
  • Distribution scalability through Google classroom or a low-cost course pack
  • Class material supplementation

Better Manage 1-to-1 Program

The 1-to-1 program involves ongoing updates and supervision through Beck’s Ed Chromebook Management System, which aids institutions in the ability to streamline, track, process, and maximize efficiency. The Management System includes (but is not limited to):

  • Shipment Tracking: Quantity and quality of each device is check, along with recording individual serial numbers for future needs
  • Pre-Enrolling a Student to a Chromebook: Pre-enrollment designates one Chromebook per student by way of an identification sticker, and ensures each device follows district mandated rules and regulations and has the proper network infrastructure
  • Distribution: Prompt and simple distribution takes place at the “Chromebook Station” with each student having their Student ID scanned, signing the Chromebook Rights and Responsibilities user agreement and having an explanation of first-time user login process
  • Problem Solving: If problems arise for students, faculty or the staff and communication, Beck’s Ed is at the forefront to reduce pressure on IT personnel