Our Story

Beck’s Ed is a third generation family owned company who, despite changes in education, has remained a prevalent name in the business.

Founded in 1955 by Bob Beck, Beck’s Bookstore opened as a college textbook store in Chicago.  Bob’s store prided itself on providing students with fair prices, a great selection, and exceptional customer service.  As Beck’s Bookstore continued to build, Bob began to step back as his daughter, Linda, took over the reigns.  Under Linda, the book store had amassed 10 locations and was one of the best known options in Chicagoland for students who were buying and selling textbooks.

Over the past 5 years, Beck’s has taken on a whole new transformation as technology in education continues to play a larger role in schools and on campuses. Beck’s, now operating as Beck’s Ed and under Bob’s grandson, Patrick, has continued to impress with exceptional customer service but has also adapted to provide online options, dynamic pricing, digital content and digital platforms.  Beck’s Ed has seen great success at all levels with a close focus on customized, personal solutions for the needs of the entire school community.  Beck’s Ed is currently enjoying successful relationships with middle schools, high schools, colleges, universities and online e-commerce schools.